$100-450   Birth support is available on a sliding scale based on need. This option includes two prenatal visits, labor support starting two weeks before your due date until your baby arrives, and one postnatal visit.

$100+     Postpartum support is available for $25/hr on weekdays, and $30/hr on weekends and for overnights. Multiples are $30/hr and $35/hr. respectively. Postpartum support can be purchased in four hour increments on weekdays, weekends, evenings, and overnights.

$100        Postpartum gift!  Give four hours of postpartum support to your friend, colleague, neighbor, or family member. 

$600       Birth doula services plus eight hours of postpartum support. It's like getting two hours free.

$35          Lactation counseling services are charged at the rate of $35/hr. This can be conducted prenatally as well for educational purposes. Assisting to fill out insurance paperwork for this reimbursable service is provided.